World’s smallest DSD/PCM/DXD Battery-powered DAC
Portable and High-End rolled into one
High-end, Battery-Powered,
Portable Headphone Amp
24/192kHz HD USB DAC
World leading ESS Sabre chipset. Superb sound from a computer in a small package.
Headphone Amplifier
Top notch sound quality with features not even found in the best headphone amplifiers.
USB Audio Power Supply
Replace USB power with power cleaner than a battery, to give you the best performance for your USB audio device.
MM/MC Phono Amplifier
6 different stereo EQ curves. The most accurate high end phono amplifier that is affordable.
24/192 HD USB > SPDIF converter With Super Digital Output® and Jitter Elimination Technology®. The wait was definitely worth it.
Dual-Headed Ultimate USB cable. For 24/192kHz and beyond. It is out of this world.
Tube Buffer/Pre-Amplifier.
Patented analogue and digital innovations.
Audio game changer.
USB audio+power purification.
Use at the end of the USB chain at the DAC port.

In the product pipeline